Brief Biography of Pablo Mezzelani



Pablo Mezzelani was born in Argentina on August 22, 1967.


In 1975, he began his studies of guitar at the Horacio Costa private music academy in the city of Banfield, Buenos Aires Province.


In 1988, he carried out the classification and definition of all the musical instruments in the Americanistic Museum of Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.


In 1989, the government of the Republic of Argentina awarded him a scholarship to complete a specialization in musical folklore and ethnomusicology at the Academy of Musical Art and Dance (A.M.T.I.I.) in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


From 1989 until 1994, he was a professor of music at various educational institutions, and since then has continued as an itinerant teacher with his didactic concert called “Sonidos del mundo.”


He currently resides for periods of time in Europe where, besides doing presentations with the aforementioned didactic concert and his own show “Tango con historias,” he forms part of various musical groups, including Cuarteto Tango Querido, Etnótika (music of the Balkans), Vientos y Piedras (multicultural ethnic music with organ, violin, other instruments from around the world and song), Acentos Argentinos (tango and traditional creole music of Argentina), EnCantos (sung poetry of Latin American authors), Afrocantares (Afro-Hispanic music), Sonidos de Europa, and Aún perfuma el recuerdo (Latin American songs).



He has participated, and continues to participate, in recordings of film soundtracks and as an invited musician in various discographic and scenic productions.